E-learningedX online campusFree access until June 30, 2020.
E-learningMoodleYou can add activities or tasks to do, you can set the deadline for delivery and also the creation of forums where students can ask questions in relation to these topics… And all participants can read and answer those questions.
E-learning Google ClassroomSimilar to the previous one, it allows creating tasks with texts, audio, photos and videos. At the same time, you can post notices, create surveys, or receive responses from students. Gmail account required.
E-learning EdmodoSimilar to the previous ones, a group is created where the teacher will be the moderator. Students can download files, view events, view grades, send documents to the teacher, etc. Required access code of group creator.
E-learning iTunesU It provides everything that is needed to teach using an iPad: build lessons, collect and grade assignments, answer questions, etc.
Videoconference Microsoft TeamsVideo conferences, collaborative work.
Videoconference ZoomMax 40 minutes for group calls. Need to install app.
Videoconference JitsiSimilar to Skype, free, it allows video calls, streaming chats, sending of documents, recording of calls / video calls… There is no limit to people but the quality will depend on the bandwidth.
Videoconference GoToMeetingIt allows the same options as the previous ones but it is paid, even so it has a few free trial days.
Videoconference WherebyOnline platform that allows you to make video conferences for free and without the need to install any program, the quality depends on the quality of the internet.
Share filesGoogle DriveOnline and free, you need a Gmail account. It allows sharing documents and files, all time online, it is uploaded in the cloud.
Share filesDropBoxSimilar to the previous one, it allows sharing documents and files.
Virtual whiteboardJamboardIt is paid, allows you to outline ideas and share them through the cloud and access from any device with your customer account.
Virtual whiteboardOpenBoardIt is free but you have to download the App. Digital whiteboard, it also allows various people to interact.
Virtual whiteboardNoteBookCastVirtual whiteboard, it is shared in real time with several people, online you do not have to download anything, it is free, it allows you to save the elaborated whiteboards, you can add different graphic elements to the whiteboard and it includes a chat to comment on the contents.
TeachExplain EverythingFor a fee, it allows you to record live classes, record images and audio.
Make videosPowtoonSimilar to the previous one, paid, free trial version allows 3 minutes of video recording. It allows you to make explanatory videos and make comments about them, which favors communication.
Make videosScreencastifyThe first 5 minutes are free, after that you need to pay.. It allows you to upload videos and edit them, add texts, cut them, add audio…
Make videos FlipgridIt has a free and a paid option, closed groups are accessed through a link. It allows you to prepare recorded questionnaires, when you receive the question and open it you have the option to record the answer for 90 seconds. Very interactive and interesting. You receive feedback almost instantly. Very useful methodology to replace written exams.
Make videosScreencastFree and paid version. It allows you to record videos on a topic and share them with a group of people.
Make videosEdpuzzleVideo editor, allows you to add questions, cut duration, add voice or explanations at specific times. The free version allows you to save 20 videos.
Share and organize contentWakeletSocial network. It allows to create, organize and share content. Free.
Share and organize contentPadletFree version allows you to create up to 3 planks. Collaborative whiteboard.
Share and organize contentSymbalooNotice board to write down interesting websites, notes, tasks (similar to Trello). Free basic account.
Share and organize contentQuizletCreate cards with educational content including text and images. Once the cards are created, the tool automatically creates activities and games. Suitable for language subjects as it also offers audios of the words and texts used.
Create presentationsGenial.lyAn alternative to PowerPoint, simple, very attractive and free.
Create podcastsSpreakerCreate and host audios. Theycan be heard from the phone. Free version maximum 5 hours.
Create podcastsIvooxFree. Create audios.
EvaluateGoogle FormsIntegrated in Google Drive, it allows to create questionnaires in a simple way.
EvaluateSocrativeOne class up to 50 students. It is in English. Prepare test. Students can answer from the mobile.
EvaluateQuizizzThere is a test already online, and new ones can be created. Free. It can also be used to assess the degree of satisfaction.